Back to the MARINEFF final event!

The MARINEFF project is now coming to an end. Indeed, the technical and communication activities will end on 31 March 2023.

This is why, on 8 March, the British partners met in Portsmouth for the final event organised by the University of Southampton.

Unfortunately, due to the national strikes, the French partners could not attend but the French partners were able to meet at BUILDERS Ecole d’ingénieurs.

On the agenda:

    • Overview of MARINEFF project and shell concrete formulations
    • Oyster enhancement reefs
    • Breakwater modules
    • Mineralogy of shell concrete in seawater
    • Rockpools 
    • Moorings
    • Workshop and information available on the MARINEFF website

Picture credit: Jessica Bone (BU) et BUILDERS Ecole d’ingénieurs