The rockpools are installed at Ouistreham

24 rockpools were installed this week on the Ouistreham site. This site is complementary to 3 other sites in England, so environmental monitoring began in the summer of 2020.

This site, made available by the Ports of Normandy, allows us to introduce the French to a system widely used in England for restoring biodiversity on vertical structures, which are not very conducive to marine colonisation. These structures, located in tidal balancing zones, make it possible, at low tide, to conserve an entire ecosystem in and around the basin. In addition to improving biodiversity, the rockpools are a tool for raising awareness among walkers of the importance of conserving the ecosystem and marine biodiversity and an educational tool for the youngest.

These unique works of art, hand-made by English artists (Artecology), are optimised for the MARINEFF project and their colonisation will be monitored for 2 years by biologists from the University of Caen Normandy.