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The Marineff newsletter for November 2021 is now available! In our autumn newsletter, we share some exciting news about our 14-month funded extension and the new dates for the Marineff International Conference. You can also find out more about Vinci Construction Maritime and Fluvial in our partner profile. We also share some stunning photographs and updates of the marine life living on our biomimetic modules. Click the link below to read or download.

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Our next newsletter is due February 2022.

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The MARINEFF project is currently still in its infancy with many resources under development. Materials will be released as the project progresses, such as training resources and best practice guides. However, the newsletter and further reading links below will provide plenty of background information on the project itself and the field of eco-engineering.

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For further information on the topic of eco-engineering, ecological enhancement and net gain, please see the links below. This list will be updated regularly.

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