Over the duration of the Marineff project, the partners will be attending a variety of events to showcase the project’s development and results to stakeholders, professionals and the public. We will also host our own Marineff events, such as workshops, training events and conferences. 


Final Marineff project event, 8th March 2023 in Portsmouth, UK – to see further details and how to register please click here. The draft programme may be viewed here. The conference dinner is now fully booked but it is possible to join a waiting list. This will be a hybrid event, available to join in person or online via Zoom.


Speeding up Nature Positive Offshore Energy Infrastructure Deployment Conference

Bruxelles, Belgique
October 19th, 2022

On October 19th, RGI, WindEurope and Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) organised a conference in Brussels entitled “Speeding up Nature Positive Offshore Energy Infrastructure Deployment”.

The aim of this event was to find solutions to accelerate the deployment of offshore energy infrastructure while restoring Europe’s marine ecosystems.

As it fits perfectly into this theme, the MARINEFF project had the opportunity to be presented.

Picture credits: Renewables Grid Initiative


Ecological Enhancement for Marine Infrastructure Workshop

Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
11th-12th October 2022

The Marineff Project, SARCC Project, Ecostructure Project and 3DPARE Project hosted a two-day workshop which included short presentations introducing each of the projects and highlighting key outcomes. There were engaging activity sessions, which applied the findings of the projects to real-world scenarios, and a panel discussion aimed at understanding the barriers to incorporating ecological enhancements into coastal infrastructure, and their potential solutions. All projects featured in this workshop have vast experience working with academics, marine biologists, coastal engineers, local authorities, asset owners, engineering consultancies and eco-engineering businesses, and will bring opportunities for knowledge-exchange, problem solving, networking and future collaboration. 

Presentations from Day 1 

Presentations from Day 2

Submarine duplex

@Saint-Malo, France
September 16th, 2022

A submarine duplex took place on September 16th, 2022 in Saint-Malo, organised by the partner MNHN of Dinard.

The extension of the MARINEFF project was an opportunity to propose a new format for the dissemination of environmental monitoring results!

The press and the partners of the MARINEFF project were invited.

We were on board of a SMPE (Saint-Malo Plongée Emeraude) boat, moored at a MARINEFF mooring on the Bizeux site and two divers were at a depth of 16 metres to show us and comment on the results of the project.

Here is some press coverage of the event:





Picture credits: ESITC Caen 


Marineff International Conference 2022

@ESITC Caen, France
3rd-5th May 2022

ESITC Caen, lead of the European Project MARINEFF, and its partners participated in the Marineff International Conference, being held in Caen (Normandy, France) from 3rd to 5th May 2022. This conference, as a part of the MARINEFF project, gathered researchers, representatives from industry and other stakeholders to highlight research and case studies about the ecological maritime infrastructures, from construction materials, design to marine biodiversity. It was also the opportunity to visit the experimental site in Ouistreham. 

This event allowed all the participants to have a convivial time despite adjournments.


Here is a link to the papers submitted on this occasion: MARINEFF International Conference: From materials and infrastructures to marine ecosystem – interactions and new approaches 


Here you can find the presentation of each speaker:


Café Maritime du Caen Yacht Club

January 30th, 2020

During their monthly Cafés Maritimes, the Caen Yacht Club invited us to give a presentation of the Marineff project. We were then given the opportunity to present the 4 maritime infrastructures developed in the project, at the time when their production is in full swing! More information on caen-yacht-club.com








Science Festival 2019

@Caen, ESITC Caen
October 2019









Committee meetings

Committee meeting n ° 5

@Falmouth (Welcome by the University of Exeter)
May 19th, 2020

Committee meeting n ° 4

@Dinard (Welcome by the MNHN of Dinard)
December 10th, 2019









Committee meeting n ° 3

@ Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Welcome byPNA)
June 24th, 2019










Committee meeting n ° 2

@Southampton (Welcome by Southampton University)
December 17th, 2018










Kick-off meeting

@Caen (Welcome by ESITC Caen, leader of the Marineff project)
October 25th, 2018

Kick-off agenda

Committee meeting n ° 1

@Caen (Welcome by ESITC Caen, leader of the Marineff project)
July 11th, 2018