From theory to reality

Marineff concrete samples heavily colonized by algae which is well within the project aims! Next step: breakwater modules, boat moorings and artificial rockpools.

Marineff on French TV ‘France 3’

The Marineff project was honored to celebrate 10 years of CRESCO! To watch the video, click here!

Marineff Brochure

The partners, objectives, work packages… you will know everything about the Marineff project !

Quarterly newsletter launches!

Our first MARINEFF newsletter has launched! You can read it by clicking here.

“Quand la mer raconte la Normandie”

There’s like a holiday atmosphere…Take the opportunity to watch the film “Quand la mer raconte la Normandie” at the Cité de la mer since July 2nd !

“Fête de la Sciences” from October, 05th to 13th 2019

On this occasion, the ESITC Caen laboratory will open its doors; allowing everyone to discover the Marineff project.

Concrete samples are submerged at Calshot, UK

Samples of different concretes are submerged at Calshot, UK, to monitor for oyster colonisation

Samples manufacturing

The samples are ready to be immerge on the different experimental sites.

Action plan

The biomimetic marine infrastructures will be deployed in two large-scale pilots operations and six experimental sites to test various types of marine infrastructures and ensure their transferability across the France Channel England area. Learn more about our work here

Presenting the Marineff partners

The Marineff project involves 9 partners from France and Britain.

Project launch

The launching of the Marineff project will take place 25th October from 5 to 6 pm at ESITC Caen   You will find soon the link to the video of the presentation.